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By use of the State Patent of the unique low harmonic winding developed by our Corporation, the protection type 3-phase wound rotor induction motor of DXR series are suitable to be used in popular applications. Belonging to energy-saving prducts, the main performance data are obviously better tha JR & YR series(IP23) and it may substiute directly to JR motors which have been washed out in China. To Change the principal machine & its completed controlling starting equipments is unnecessary. The effect of energy-saving of DXR series motors is very remarkalbe. the specialities of the motors are as follows: 1.High efficiency: Average efficiency is higher than JR up to 2.56%,1.56% than YR(IP23). 2.High power factor: Average CosØ is higher than JR to 0.0175,0.015 than YR(IP23)
YR(IP23)Motors are renewal generation products to substitute for JR series, The mounting size & power ratings are fully in accordanec with IEC & DIN 42678 Standards. With a lot of advantages such as high efficiency, energy-saving, a stong ability of over load & reliable operation ect., the motors may supply a greater stall torque under a smaller stall current. The motor speed may be regulated in cirtain ranges as well. YR Series motors are desigend in B class insulation and continuous rating (S1).With protection grade of IP23, Suitable for use in the field of no contents of inflammable or explosive gas and some other relative clean natural places.
Series Y(IP44)motors are enclosed type of squirrel cage rotor 3-phase induction motor with self-fan cooling for general applications.
The motors are widely applicable for various mechanical equipments without special requirements such as machine tools, blowers & pumps etc. Several different voltages may be supplied to customers such as 220V, 220/380V, 380/660V or 415V and more high pressure motor.
Be applicable widely for the processing unit of grain products and the following fields, for example, building materials, chemical production, metal casting, coal and metallurgy,etc.

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