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Low Loader

Technical Parameter for Low Loader

 Low-Loader Bed Capacity With 3-Axels,3.5King-Pin  40,000Kg-45,000Kg
 Low-Loader Length Not Less than 10m 
 Low-Loader Width  Not Less than3.25m
 Low-Loader Height  Not Less than1.3m
 Low-Loader Tyre  12R20

Technical Parameter for New Version(2004) of Truck Type 2635s

Trcuk Type  2635s/6×4   
 Truck Model ND4260DSM,with Air-Condition/Sleeper   
 Wheel Base 3200 mm 
 Wheel Base from Middle Axle to Rear Axle  1350 mm
 Permissible Gross Vehicle Weight  32000 Kg 
 Front Axle Load  7500  Kg
 Rear Axle Load  2 ×13000  Kg
 Chassis Net Weight  8800  Kg
 Box Weight Approx.    Kg
 Net Playload    KgKg
 The Fifth Wheel Payload  17500  Kg
 Gross Combination Weight Approx.  60000  Kg
 Overall Length  6635  mm
 Overall Width  2490  mm
 Overall Height  3060  mm
 Front Suspension  1410  mm
 Rear Suspension  660  mm
 Frame Length after the Cab.  5050  mm
 Turning Radius  8000  mm
 Engine Model  V90,6-Cylinder,Turbo-Charger inter-Cooling Diesel Engine  
 Engine Type  OM441LA  
 Cylinder(Bore×Stroke)  128×142 mm 
 Displacement 10964  CC
 Rated Power 230Kw/2100RPM   
 Max.Torque 1340Nm/1250RPM   

MFZ430 Compressed Air Assisted &Hydraulic Control,

Single Dry Cluch System

 Transmission(Gear-Box) 16s-151   
 Gear Number 16 Forward Gear, 2Reverse Gear   
 1st Gear Ratio 11.9   
 Rear Axle Gear Ratio  4.20  
 Max.Speed  110  Km/hr
 Max.Climbing Capacity  44  %

 Climbing Capacity at Gross Weight to WholeVehicle=40,000Kg.

29   %
 Service Brake Double Circuit, Compressed Air Brake, Auto-Advance Brake Distance   
 Auxiliary Brake Engine Exhaust Brake   
 Park Brake Spring-Load Brake   
 Battery 2 ×12V, 135Ah  
 Generator 28V,55A   
 Steering System MB LS8F Hydraulic Control   
 Suspension System

Trapezoid Plate Spring Equalizing
Suspension, Front Axle with Shock
Avsorber+Plate Spring

 Rim  8.5×20  
 Tire  12.00-20  
 Fuel Tank capacity  400  L
Power Take-Off     


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